Sunday, January 30, 2011

Building an arcade racing game

The story so far
So for the last months I've had some time to concentrate on personal projects, one of which is an arcade racing game playable on average computers and mobile devices. One thing I do if I don't have pressure in the form of deadlines (or actually not planning to release anything) is that I constantly trying to challenge myself and implement things I've never implemented before. This is the root of a never ending feature creep.

So to keep things a little bit more controlled I will use this blog to explain my reasoning behind what I'm implementing or planning to implement for this game.

What I already have
Not much to be honest. Design wise I have done a rough outline of the gameplay (which has some original elements), some concept sketches, discussing ideas with friends etc. nothing fancy. Let's just focus on the technical aspects for now:
  • everything is written in C++ without STL, no plans to use a scripting language yet
  • basic building blocks like containers, object database, event system are mostly done
  • work on an editor has started, but there is not much yet
  • done an hello world - like opengl es 2.0 renderer,
  • a simple vehicle physics simulation,
  • a simple mesh export script for blender and the accompanying c++ mesh loader
  • everything is built using scons
So what's next?
Right now I have some issues to with the event system which I need to fix. After that comes a camera system.

The next big step will be terrain rendering which I probably blog about.

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